Welcome to Waverley Borough Council's 2016 Local Plan Part 1. This replaces the strategic policies of the 2002 Borough Plan and it has been developed in a very different environment from that of the previous one.

The advantages of having a sound Local Plan will clearly outweigh any disadvantages as Waverley and its residents ensure that they drive and shape the future of development in the Borough within the confines of the NPPF.

In 2012 the Coalition government introduced the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), in 65 pages replacing thousands of pages of planning law. While this was a simplification it introduced and gave priority to 'The Presumption in favour of Sustainable Development'. This was followed some eighteen months later by 900 pages of National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG) which continues to be updated All of this has been absorbed and applied by Waverley's team of Policy Planners to produce this Local Plan.

As a Council we recognise that new homes are required for family members, key local staff and some economic development. Government did have in mind large amounts of additional accommodation that would be required in the South East and used the Office of National Statistics (ONS) as the starting point to assess how much each Local Authority should be required to provide. For Waverley the housing need figure is 519 new homes every year until 2032.

The Council is also aware of the special nature of Waverley and the need to preserve it, through the Green Belt, AONB and other locally identified special landscape designations in the Surrey Hills.

With development comes the need for improved infrastructure, a point recognised by this Council and a majority of Waverley residents. Whilst it is likely to remain a challenge across the South of England your Council needs to be imaginative and will ensure it works collaboratively in developing new sources of income and ways to deliver this infrastructure. As part of our 'duty to cooperate', we will continue to work closely with neighbouring authorities and key stakeholders to ensure effective partnership working.

All these factors have been taken into account in the production of this Local Plan. We appreciate the help and co-operation that many Town and Parish Councils have provided, much of which is included in this substantive document, and look forward to your feedback during the 6 week representations period.

Councillor Julia Potts - Leader

Councillor Brian Adams - Planning Portfolio Holder